C3 Engineering strives to provide our customers with the best service possible. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Arizona Electrical Testing (AET) has recently merged with C3 Engineering.

Who is Arizona Electrical Testing?

Serving Arizona since 2000, AET provides power system testing and electrical testing services. They serve the commercial and industrial testing industries and have developed a strong working relationship with their customers, vendors, employees, engineers, and city officials. Their testing services include but are not limited to switchboard hi-potential tests, ground fault relay tests, ground resistance tests, circuit breaker tests, insulation resistance tests, relay testing, cable hi-potential tests, and power surveys.

AET joining forces with C3 Engineering

C3 Engineering already offers a robust services portfolio, including electrical testing, infrared thermography, arc flash study, asset management, TUV NRTL field evaluations, commissioning, and many more services, falling under the general umbrellas of compliance, conformity, and consulting. With the addition of AET, those offerings will be enhanced to provide an even more comprehensive suite of services to clients all over the country.

Brad Davis joins the C3 team

Brad DavisWe’re also happy to announce that Brad Davis, who was the owner and electrical technician for AET, will now be a project coordinator for C3 Engineering.

We’re excited about this expansion of C3 Engineering and look forward to sharing further developments as we continue to grow and expand our services.