C3 Engineering works with you to ensure that your industrial equipment and machinery complies with local, state and federal regulatory agencies. Today, many local jurisdictions in the U.S will not allow unlisted or unlabeled equipment to be installed or used at manufacturing and commercial sites within their boundaries. An NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Lab) is required to certify equipment to “label” equipment as “conforming” to the applicable standards. Our partnership with TUV Rheinland (an NRTL and UL equivalent) allows us to evaluate and label your equipment.

In order to be a recognized laboratory using labeling and processes under TUV SUD, C3 Engineering undergoes extensive training and an annual auditing process. This audit ensures compliance with the specific NRTL requirements needed to do conformity work and to “label” equipment and devices. This audit evaluates everything from internal processes to equipment calibration to employee training and experience to ensure our company is fully qualified to apply labels to conforming equipment. Remember – OSHA requires you to utilize an NRTL for this function. You can learn more about OSHA and NRTL’s here: OSHA Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory Program

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