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At C3 Engineering, safety and quality is of the utmost importance to us, and we are proud to be a certified testing partner with TUV Rheinland.

TUV NRTL Field Evaluations

Today, many local jurisdictions in the U.S will not allow unlisted or unlabeled equipment to be installed or used at manufacturing and commercial sites within their boundaries. An NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Lab) is required to certify equipment to “label” equipment as “conforming” to the applicable standards. Our partnership with TUV Rheinland (an NRTL and UL equivalent) allows us to evaluate and label your equipment. Remember that if you modify an existing piece of electrical equipment you may have voided your UL listing and it may need to be relabeled. Unlabeled prototypes, custom-built or imported electrical equipment and machinery not recognized by U.S. standards also require to be field evaluated by an OSHA recognized NRTL. Our team of highly trained, regionally based experts perform the most comprehensive inspections and safety evaluations in the industry, backed by a history of testing, inspection and certification. We work with you to ensure that your industrial equipment and machinery complies with local, state and federal regulatory agencies. For responsive, cost-effective solutions customers can rely on C3 engineers to provide the best on-site, on-call field evaluation and assessment services.

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TUV NRTL Field Evaluations

C3 works with you to ensure that your industrial equipment and machinery complies with local, state and federal regulatory agencies

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