You may have read about our journey in becoming a NETA-Accredited company in one of our previous posts. It is a thorough, lengthy process and we enjoyed the journey knowing it would ultimately provide our customers with a higher level of service.

Now let’s drill down and see what it means to be NETA-Certified at the Technician level. There are four levels of certification, NETA Levels I through IV. The four levels of classification are defined in terms of the skills and knowledge required in a given method or methods to perform specified electrical testing and maintenance activities. To proceed to a higher level, an individual shall meet the qualifications set forth and pass the examination for all previous levels.

The levels are as follows:

  • Level 1: Trainee Technician
  • Level 2: Certified Assistant Technician
  • Level 3: Certified Technician
  • Level 4: Certified Senior Technician


Inherent in the determination of the equipment’s serviceability is the prerequisite that individuals performing the tests are capable of conducting the tests in a safe manner and with complete knowledge of the hazards involved.

Technicians must also evaluate the test data and make an informed judgment on the continued serviceability, deterioration, or non-serviceability of the specific equipment.


NETA Certified Technicians are technicians who are employed by a NETA Accredited Company. They have achieved NETA Certification at Level 2, Level 3 or Level 4 through successful completion of the NETA examinations and meet continuing education, training, and years of experience requirements.

NETA, a nationally recognized certification agency, provides recognition of four levels of competency within the electrical testing industry in accordance with ANSI/NETA ETT Standard for Certification of Electrical Testing Technicians. This standard is available as a free download in the NETA Bookstore.

The ANSI/NETA ETT establishes:

  • Minimum requirements for qualification and certification of the electrical testing technician (ETT)
  • Minimum training and experience requirements for ETTs and provides criteria for documenting qualifications and certification
  • Minimum qualifications for an independent and impartial certifying body to certify electrical testing technicians

C3 currently employees Level II, III, and IV Technicians. We are working hard to get our non-NETA Certified Techs up to Level II, some of our Level II’s to III’s and more. Techs are studying and earning CEU’s to maintain certification and/or test for the new level.

Some of our learning related to NETA Certification is OJT, some of it is CEU-earning coursework, some of it is peer-to-peer training, and finally – NETA itself provides study guides and learning materials. Finally, our company financially rewards employees at each level of Certification, providing even more incentive for employees to successfully complete certifications.

In summary, NETA Certified Technicians have earned a Level 2, Level 3 or 4 NETA Certification in electrical power systems testing and bring the knowledge and field experience necessary to perform testing according to industry standards. A NETA Technician’s work experience, education, and training keeps them current with new technologies and provides them the knowledge to perform testing across a wide variety of power systems.

This helps ensure that we can keep providing our customers with the highest levels of service.

(Source: NETA World )