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Our Story

At C3 Engineering, we are engineers, testing technicians, electrical inspectors, project managers and electrical safety professionals with decades of experience that can assist with implementing best practices.

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Our Mission

Put simply, our goal is to help you focus on your mission by taking the mystery out of electricity. “Sales” will never be C3’s priority – it’s not what we are all about. Quality Consulting sells itself.

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Our Promise

Business owners don’t need more salespeople knocking on their doors; they need help. Your peace of mind is how C3 Engineering measures success.  We explain, teach, educate so it makes sense. That’s what we do.

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What C3 Engineering can do for you

Simply put, C3 Engineering handles your electrical problems.

We can take the mystery, fear, uncertainty or anxiety out of your latest challenge related to electrical maintenance or testing. We know that the field of electricity can be intimidating, or maybe mysterious – if it’s not in your wheelhouse. That’s where we come in.

“We explain, teach, educate so it makes sense. That’s what we do.”

Are you concerned you are not doing enough electrical maintenance in your facility? Has your electrical equipment failed an inspection from your City electrical inspector? Does your insurance company require Infrared Thermography or an Arc Flash Study and you don’t even know where to start? That’s what we do. We boil it down so it is no different than any of the other areas of responsibilities that you deal with dozens of times per day. We explain, teach, educate so it makes sense. Then we help you navigate the solution, however you need us to. Simplicity isn’t a marketing slogan for us – it’s the first step in crafting the best solutions. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”. We help Facilities Managers, Building Owners, Plant Engineers by simplifying difficult tasks into a one step at a time process. Whether you just need to ask a question or if you want to build a fully compliant electrical maintenance program no task is too small or too large. We are here to assist you.

C3 Engineering


“Compliance” sounds intimidating but it isn’t. As a matter of fact, it can be tricky to navigate but our pros understand compliance and can make it look easy! We aren’t sure we can get you and your team to a point where they think it’s easy, but we know we can get you to a point where you understand what it is and what the benefits are.

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C3 Engineering


Having an effective safety program is part of being a highly-ranked employer and we can help with that whether you are just starting out or have an existing program. Our partnership with TUV-Rheinland (an NRTL) enables to evaluate and label products to the applicable safety standards.

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C3 Engineering


As a Company – we’re focused on intelligence. We’re experienced. We’re highly capable. We are well-regarded in our assorted professions. So if you have a problem, a question, a project or a challenge – we are happy to help. Our Consulting services cover one of the widest ranges of challenges in the industry!

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C3 Engineering provides Electrical Safety training classes to ensure that your personnel understand the ‘hazards’ and ‘risks’ associated with electrical energy, how to protect themselves, their co-workers, and your equipment from the dangers that can result from arc flashes. 

Information Is Power

C3 Engineering Resources 

Whether your interest is general or in something specific, we trust the information we provide you will be invaluable. Our resource library is loaded with peer-reviewed materials, scholarly articles, technical specifications and material from other bona fide sources.

IS YOUR COMPANY ready to maximize its electrical potential with C3 Engineering?

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The Importance of Training in the Electrical Industry

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